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How to sell your house fast

Want a chain-free and stress-free house sale? SOLD.CO.UK can provide you exactly this. We can facilitate a quick house sale for you; completing in 30 days or under if it suits you. Whatever your circumstances, timeframes can be customised to suit your needs and we can alleviate the hassle of selling your home with our fully managed service. Even better, you won’t have to spend a penny, we even cover your legal costs.

Sell my house fast

Selling your home quickly doesn’t mean anything is rushed. We have experts in place to guide you through the process seamlessly. We have helped many of our customers with fast property sales for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Relocating
  • Inheriting a property
  • Financial difficulties
  • Repossession
  • Downsizing
  • Divorce or separation
  • Short property lease
  • Too long on the open market

Whatever the reason, you can rest assured a sale is guaranteed with SOLD.CO.UK’. Once the process has been completed and the funds are in your account, you are free to purchase another home, move overseas or do whatever it is you have planned with the cash.


Take a look at how we can sell your house fast:

  • Book a valuation

    Once you’ve requested a free valuation, a member of our team will give you a quick call to discuss your property in more detail. Using our expert research and property tools such as Rightmove Plus, we will provide you an offer for your property.

  • Accept our valuation

    Confirm you’re happy and accept our offer by signing and returning our digital agreement form.

  • Independent valuations

    We want to ensure we are offering you the fairest possible price for your property. This is why we utilise an asset management team to deploy two or three estate agents in your local area to carry out an independent valuation.

  • Solicitors and paperwork

    Whilst the independent valuations are taking place, we will appoint you a solicitor from our trusted panel, free of charge. You will also receive an information pack which you will need to read, complete and post back to us.

  • Offer confirmation

    Once we receive the reports from the independent evaluations, our underwriting team will complete their due diligence to ensure you’re receiving a fair offer for your property and will confirm this with you.

  • Sale complete

    Once you have confirmed the offer with us, we can then agree on a completion date that suits your needs. Following this, you will receive funds from the sale of your house.
    All our services are fully managed, leaving you to concentrate on your post-sale plans. Furthermore, you won’t need to spend a penny; we don’t charge any fees and even cover your legal costs.

Quick House Sale FAQs

How do I sell my house fast?

If you want to complete on the sale of your home in 30 days or under, get in touch with us at SOLD.CO.UK today. You can book a free valuation or call us on 0800 566 8490. We can offer you a hassle-free house sale in a time that suits you.

If I want to sell my home quickly how will you value the property?

At SOLD.CO.UK we want to give you the best possible price for you home. When you get in touch with us we will ask you to give us details about your property, allowing us to start the valuation process. This will include the history of your home, the price you’d like to achieve and why you’re moving. We will conduct in-house research to determine a price that we believe your home can sell for. Together we will agree on a realistic price you are happy with.

Can you help me if I am in mortgage arrears or going through a divorce?

At SOLD.CO.UK we are dedicated to providing you with a quick house sale and the best possible price for your home. Not only this, but we will ensure the process is stress-free. So, whatever is happening in your life, we can 100% help you with your property sale and help you avoid negative financial circumstances or repossession.

How can I be sure I am getting the best possible price for my house?

For a fast house sale in 30 days or under you will not get a better offer from any other company. At SOLD.CO.UK we go through rigorous stages of in-house research to ensure we are offering you the best and maximum price for your home.

How can SOLD.CO.UK guarantee they can sell my home fast for me?

What sets us apart at SOLD.CO.UK is our pool of pre-qualified buys, ready and waiting to buy your home. Furthermore, because we agree on a realistic selling price with you from the start, we can secure a quicker sale for you, in 30 days or less. With no fees and an agreement of just 30 days to agree to (yes, we are that confident) you know you are in the best hands.

Are there any fees or charges I will need to pay?

There is no cost incurred when you sell with us. You will not spend a penny and we even cover your legal expenses. You can rest assured that the value your property sells for is the exact amount you will receive.

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If you want to sell your home quickly, get in touch with SOLD.CO.UK today. We know that selling a house is stressful, especially when there are time constraints, so let us help you speed up the process and offer a hassle-free guaranteed sale.

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